An idea means nothing if it is not completed.

We are always looking for new ideas,

trends, and friends!

Changing the world one stitch at a time.

Slow down, you move too fast!

We are commited to a greener world.

By knitting your own clothing you can join

the movement, and show off your personal style.

We are serious

We are sustainable

We are knitters

We'll send you the whole kit and caboodle.

Don't worry we've got this in the bag,

you choose the colors and the pattern,

and we'll take care of the rest.

Knitters, crochetters, petit pointers, all of you are invited.

one needle or two? that is the question.

It doesn't matter what you prefer, we are all crafters

and we've got you covered.

100% peruvian wool. Need we say more?

We <3 sustainability, you can be sure

everything on your needles is of the best quality.

No plastic around here.

Our handmade needles are 100% beechwood

Just be yourself.

Our wool and cotton are 100% natural.

Don't throw that away.

Our bags are recycled and reusable.

Is that my t-shirt?

Our fabric yarn comes from leftover fabric.


Home is where the yarn is


+600K knitters around the globe