How to dye your hanks with the #borntodye kit.
How to dye your wool?Dyeing wool for your projects is very simple with #BornToDye Kit that contains the following: gloves, fixative, yellow, magenta, cyan and black tints. You will also need to prepare a pot with water large enough to dye all your wool, a wooden spoon to remove the yarn. a glass of water, a small spoon, a scale, a container to place the wool, and scissors.
Step by step
1. Prepare the dye: In a glass with very hot water, add the amount of dye desired and stir until all the dye is dissolved. You can use your pattern's color combination table for help.
2. Begin to dye: In the pot, place the amount of water necessary to cover the wool to be dyed and heat the water to medium temperature.
3. With very hot water, pour in the water with the dissolved dye and stir until the water is uniform.
4. Put the wool in the pot for 15 minutes and stir occasionally with the help of the wooden spoon.
5. Pour the fixative and stir occasionally with the help of the wooden spoon for 15 minutes. The water after this time should be semi transparent, if not, leave the wool in the water for 5 more minutes.
6. Remove the pot from the heat and allow the wool to cool to room temperature.
7. Once the wool is at room temperature, rinse to remove excess dye. Let the skeins dry in the shade.