Seed stitch (or moss stitch if you’re in the UK) is one of the most popular stitches in the knitting world because of its texture and how easy it is to do.Seed stitch is made by consecutively alternating knit and purl stitches
Step by step
On odd rows, start with a knit stitch.
Bring the yarn to the front and purl a stitch.
Place the yarn in the back of your work and knit a stitch. Repeat these two stitches until you’ve completed the row. When you finish, turn the work.
Now on the next row, we have to start with a purl stitch because the first stitch looks like a knit stitch.
Knit the next stitch, and so on until you complete the row.
Repeat these two rows until you’ve worked the desired number of rows and the desired length.