Once you’ve finished your work, you have to cast off the stitches.We’re going to cast off on the right side of the work, which is the side where the yarn tail is on your right.Slip the first stitch knitwise to the right-hand needle.
Step by step
knit and slide it off the needle.You only have one stitch on the right-hand needle.
Now knit the next stitch, pass the first stitch over the one you just knitted, and drop it off the needle.Repeat until there is only one stitch left on the right-hand needle.
To finish, pull the last stitch and remove the needle.With scissors cut the yarn, leaving a yarn tail a few inches (centimeters) long to weave in later.
Pull the yarn through the loop of the stitch and pull it tightly.You’ve now cast off all of your stitches.